Simple tips to remove silver tarnish

Irrespective of measure every family has its own proportion of silver legacy bequeathed from their elders. As much as one would want to share its glittery shine with the rest of the world most of us prefer to keep it under wraps for the amount of time and labor it takes to maintain its beauty […]

Knowing How To Remove Silver Tarnish


Your new silver article already beginning to show signs of browning? Don’t know what to do even though you take good care of you silver article? Not to worry, there are really very simple solutions to remove silver tarnish. They are so simple anyone would be amazed as to why they did not do it […]

Guide to removing silver sterling tarnish

To understand how to remove the silver sterling tarnish, it is first important to understand what silver sterling is. Silver sterling is a type of alloy of silver and another metal like copper or bronze. 92.5% is silver while 7.5% is the other metal. Silver, in the pure state, does not tarnish. However, in the […]

Basic guide to silver tarnish removal methods

Silver articles are highly precious and valued around the world. However, due to problems of silver tarnishing, most people get disheartened and shy away from buying silver for usage openly. However, it is not the end of the road. Though tarnishing of silver is a problem, it is important to remember that it can be […]

9 Best Silver tarnish removal tips

There are two methods which are generally used to remove silver tarnish, either polishing or using a chemical dip. Now while using either produces good results, it is important that a few things are kept in mind before trying to remove silver tarnish. Here is a list of tips which can help a layman remove […]

A guide to prevention of silver tarnish

Tarnishing of silver products is a fairly common occurrence. We have all seen how silver, over a period of time, loses its shine and become dull and faded. However, there is no reason to dismay. Silver tarnish can be prevented. There are various things that should be taken into consideration for silver tarnish prevention. Silver […]