9 Best Silver tarnish removal tips


remove silver tarnish

Silver Tarnish removal tips

There are two methods which are generally used to remove silver tarnish, either polishing or using a chemical dip. Now while using either produces good results, it is important that a few things are kept in mind before trying to remove silver tarnish. Here is a list of tips which can help a layman remove the silver tarnish with maximum efficiency.

Silver tarnish removal tip 1 – Always use a soft cloth to wipe the silver with. In the market, special cloth of very fine texture and very soft material are available. These should be used to make sure that there are no scratches on the surface of the silver article.

Silver tarnish removal tip 2- Though there are various polishing creams available, it is important to remember that not all the polishing creams provide desired results. Many are too abrasive and may end up causing damage to the silverware. Therefore it is advised to buy only the best quality polishing agents.

Silver tarnish removal tip 3- If unsure of the abrasiveness of the polishing agent, then test the agent using a metal of lower quality like copper. However to get a clear idea of the quality of the agent, Plexiglas can be used. Plexiglas enables helps get a fair idea of how the agent would act on a silver surface.

Silver tarnish removal tip 4- A solution of baking soda and salt filled in a container with aluminium foil with shiny side up can be effectively used as a cleansing dip. This easy to make solution is very effective, cheap and easy to make.

Silver tarnish removal tip 5- If the silver item from which tarnish has to be removes is of antique value, it is better to get the silver article cleaned from a professional because removal of tarnish from antique silver item generally reduces its value in the market.

Silver tarnish removal tip 6- Silver can also be cleaned in a dishwasher. However it is not advised because the excess of chemicals in the dishwasher can damage the silver article.

Silver tarnish removal tip 7- Sterling silver and silver with embedded stones need to be handled especially carefully because they can obtain a shade of yellow if the chemical used to remove the silver tarnish is not removed properly after cleaning the silver article.

Silver tarnish removal tip 8- Silver can be easily cleaned and tarnish can be easily removed. However, it must not be overdone because sterling silver is especially gentle to over cleaning.

Silver tarnish removal tip 9 – Hand polishing is generally the best method of polishing. It is the preferred method used by antique collectors to maintain their silver and enhance the shine of the article.

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