A guide to prevention of silver tarnish

Tarnishing of silver products is a fairly common occurrence. We have all seen how silver, over a period of time, loses its shine and become dull and faded. However, there is no reason to dismay. Silver tarnish can be prevented. There are various things that should be taken into consideration for silver tarnish prevention. Silver tarnish prevention requires special care to be given to the silver item.

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Prevention of silver tarnish requires that it is important to understand the surroundings of the silver item. If the surrounding is heavily polluted, then the silver must be kept inside an air tight casing and removed only if necessary. Exposure to pollutants in the air over an extended period leads to tarnishing of silver. Areas closer to heavy polluting industries are especially dangerous due to a high possibility of exposure of silver with chemicals in the air. It is also important to know that moisture also contributes to tarnishing of silver. To counteract the humidity factor, the silver should be wiped with a non-buffered tissue regularly or wrapped in it for the purpose of storage.

It is also important to know if the water used for cleaning the silver item is magnesium-rich. Silver easily reacts with magnesium, leading to tarnishing of silver. Therefore care must be taken with regard to the water used to clean the silver items.

Storage of silver must be given a lot of importance. Proper storage helps in ensuring longetivity of the silver item and helps towards silver tarnish prevention. If it required that the silver needs to be displayed, then it must be stored in an air tight box to ensure there is not contact with outside air and moisture. For long-term storage, the silver item can be put in a polyethylene plastic bag, like a zip lock bag, wrapped in a non-buff tissue to prevent contact with the polyethylene bag and sealed.

An important aspect of caring for the silver item is to polish it regularly. Polishing the silver item helps remove tarnish and at the same time keep it shining. Polishing of the silver is important for silver tarnish prevention because various polishing agents which are available containing tarnish preventing agents.

These are not the only factors which must be taken care of for silver tarnish prevention. Daily use and household items can cause as much damage to the silverware. Food items like onions, eggs, salty foods, wool, latex gloves as well as oily residue from fingers and hands can damage the silver item. Therefore it is important to make sure silver items are handled with extreme care because prevention is always better than a solution.

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