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Silver sterling

Silver Sterling

To understand how to remove the silver sterling tarnish, it is first important to understand what silver sterling is. Silver sterling is a type of alloy of silver and another metal like copper or bronze. 92.5% is silver while 7.5% is the other metal. Silver, in the pure state, does not tarnish. However, in the sterling state, it tarnishes because its partnering substance in the alloy can tarnish.

Now that we know why the tarnish is caused, we can work toward removing the silver sterling tarnish. The removal of silver sterling tarnish means that the smaller of the two metals in alloy is removed of its impurities through understanding of its chemical property.

The protection of silver sterling from tarnish is two pronged. It firstly involves using a polishing agent to coat the surface of the silver with anti-tarnish substances. This ensures that in the future, the silver item remains tarnish free. The next step is removal of the settled tarnish through a chemical dip.

The polishing agent may be any item that helps remove dirt from the surface of the silver. It is applied gently on the surface and cleaned with a special cloth for this purpose. The cloth has a smooth and silky texture. This is so because otherwise the polish could create scratches on the silver article.

Polishing agents work great in removing the silver tarnish which has not settled in very deeply yet. It provides a thorough cleaning at a skin level. Polishing also requires a certain amount of skill to ensure that the silver article is cleaned and handled with care. Therefore polishing is not preferred by a majority of people.

The more common option is a chemical dip. A chemical dip is a chemical agent designed to act on the silver and remove a few layers of the silver which have been tarnished already. The chemical dip works great when the tarnish has settled in deeply into the silver pores. It is also very quick as compared to polishing and also requires no addition knowledge to use.
Silver sterling is a very common type of silver. Due to its composure, it can withstand a chemical dip. Silver sterling also is used for those items which are not very valuable and therefore a few scratches on its surface due to polishing are not a significant loss.

Thus silver sterling tarnish removal can be done easily and effectively by understanding the silver sterling.

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